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CareerConnect: The Podcast Episode 10

This is a MILESTONE! We have finally made episode 10. This episode features a TOP TEN COUNTDOWN. We call this episode:” Pass the Peaves! It is a top ten count down of ten peeves that will drive recruiters and employers CRAZY!

CareerConnect: The Podcast Episode 9

In this episode we dive into our clipping file of the latest articles, blog entries and on-line research. We discuss some of the latest trends in career development, recruiting and job hunting

CareerConnect the Podcast: Episode 8

In this episode we interview local CPA Janel Bonsell. Janel is a recruiter who has some good advice for students who are searching for jobs and internships. She recommends that all students use their Career Development Office for a number of good reasons.

CareerConnect: The Podcast Episode 7

In this episode we explore some of the partner relationships available to students using the CareerConnect website. These “partnerships” open up additional job streams that provide access to jobs/internships all around the country. In this episode we feature an interview with CSO Senior Account Manager Katrina Garza, Client Services.

We also answer questions about the job search agent function.


CareerConnect: The Podcast Episode 5

In this episode we present part #2 of our series on Internships.  This episode features an interview with Kate L.  Kate’s internship helped her identify her true career path and helped her find her nitch.

CareerConnect: The Podcast Episode 4

In episode #4 we begin a multi-part study of internships.  We define what they are, the value to college students and how they can change a student’s future.  This episode features an interview with Megan G. an accounting major whose internship lead to a full time job with a major accounting firm in New York.

CareerConnect: The Podcast Episode 3

In this episode we introduce our new website CareerConnect.

We discuss the reasons behind the implementation and the advantages this new system has for students.

CareerConnect: The Podcast Episode 2

Here is Episode #2 of our CareerConnect Podcast.  In this episode we talk about the most important documents a college student must work on during their college years.

CareerConnect: The Podcast Episode 1

The first episode of the CareerConnect podcast!

Call in your Career Questions–Get Answers on our Podcast!

  We invite you to call in your career related questions to our CareerConnect Hot Line.  Dial our number 814-352-5371. Leave your question on the answering machine and we will include your questions and our answers in a future episode of our podcast.  Remember that number 814-352-5371.